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Services for Employers

“Ensuring our clients and candidates achieve their Vision”

At InVision we recognize that our clients are all faced with their own unique recruitment challenges in their attempt to hire the right candidate with the right fit. Working individually with each of our clients, InVision will create a strategic recruitment plan for you. Our full recruitment services include the following:

Contract and Temporary Placement


We can effectively provide our clients with a flexible staffing solution comprised of a talented workforce to help ensure that short term and long term project needs are met. As an extension of  your HR department, InVision will address and cover critical areas such as WSIB, payroll deductions, severance and terminations.

Permanent Placement


InVision will work with our clients to help identify candidates that posses the critical skills required to match our clients technical and organizational needs.

Our Help Us, Help You Profile ensures that we will be able to effectively identify and qualify candidates that match your  specific requirement needs.



At InVision we recognize that our clients have projects where they can identify their own qualified pool of candidates, but are faced with difficulties in meeting all employment obligations.  InVision is able to employ client identified contractors on our payroll to meet flexible staffing needs at a reduced cost to our clients.